As San Francisco's only cooperatively owned bike shop, the staff at Box Dog Bikes all have a vested interest in making sure making sure you're happy with the service you've been given. Everyone you work with at our shop will do everything within their power to make you satisfied. We are committed to giving you the best service possible.

We understand that in this day and age everybody has a budget to work within. We are happy to provide you with a personalized assessment free of charge. What this addresses are any issues that may need attention and informs you of anything to watch out for in the near future. Not every bike needs an extensive tune-up, so it is also our promise that we will never be pushy nor do work that has not been pre-approved by you.

Where other shops don't bother, our service department takes advantage of our cumulative expertise in various products and services. We excel and specialize in the some of most detail-oriented services in the industry, such as generator light systems, custom fender installation, hand-built wheels, and complete bicycle builds.


Specialty Services

Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your bicycle operating at its highest potential. Our tune-ups are thorough, leaving no bolt untouched. The bike is serviced for optimal performance. All parts needed for the completion of the repair are additional.

$115 Standard Tune

  • Braking systems adjusted and all bolts properly torqued, pads cleaned and filed
  • Derailleur limits and cable tension adjusted
  • All cables and housing lubricated
  • All bearing systems including the headset, bottom bracket, and hubs properly adjusted
  • Chain cleaned and lubricated
  • Tires inflated
  • Wheels trued
  • Full wipe-down of the bike


$175 Professional Tune

Our most comprehensive service where your bike is stripped down to the frame and fork (bottom bracket and headset intact), then cleaned and rebuilt with exacting detail. This service includes everything mentioned in our Standard Tune but also a full drive-train cleaning and the installation of any and/or all parts needed. Replacement of major bearing systems are additional.



Custom Wheel Building

Are you looking for a specific wheel that you can't find anywhere? Got an idea for that special wheel set to make all your riding partners envious? We can build it. We pay close attention to every step in the process. You'll end up with a quality wheel that should last longer than most. Our handbuilt wheels are strong and robust; each and every spoke is at the right tension and the rim is perfectly round and true (vertically and laterally). Contact us for a quote.


Custom Fender Installations

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a bicycle properly fitted with a set of Honjo or Berthoud metal fenders. We put our attention into creating perfect arcs and smooth lines over the circumference of the wheel. The age-old adage "measure twice, cut once" applies most aptly to this custom service where we're appointed with the simple task of keeping you more clean and comfortable along the ride.


Dynamo Generator Lighting Systems

These are among the most intriguing of services that we perform as it requires an unparalleled level of attention to detail. No longer will you need to remember to recharge or replace the batteries in your light system. With your lights integrated and ready to go you won't be left stranded in the dark. 


Please feel free to call us to inquire about our services or come in for a free assessment.